PhD Coaching

PhD Coaching offers you expert help with your thesis, thesis editing and the whole PhD process.

“Changing the mindset from student to scholar means thinking in a different way to produce (not reproduce) new knowledge. New knowledge is constructed on basic knowledge, critical thinking, and creative thinking” (Conceicao & Swaminathan, 2011, p 1).

Your PhD is one of the greatest investments you will make in your life. PhD Coaching ensures you the best learning experience and value for your doctoral study.

Forty percent of doctoral students who begin a PhD program fail to complete. Reasons for failure centre on “the lack of preparation and opportunities to practice research and the relationship between faculty adviser and the doctoral student” (Maher, Ford & Thompson, 2004, p. 31). They also fail for reasons of motivation and difficulties with writing in English. You can get the support you need with PhD Coaching.

When graduate students and particularly international graduate students enter a doctoral program, it can be a hit or miss situation with regard to knowing what is expected, structuring research and getting results. PhD Coaching ensures you the best advising you can get.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for doing such a patient and good work supporting me through the writing of my thesis and journal articles. I could achieve some publications of journal articles and book chapters and the International Award winner in Global Studies during my PhD candidate period. I can truly recommend Dr. McAndrew.” Joanne Hong, PhD, Macquarie University, Australia.   


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